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3rd Event Announced for March 12, 2019.

The European Legal Dialogues shall be organized yearly in Wolfson College, in memory of Professor Sir David Williams, former President of the College, Vice Chancellor of the University and former President of the European Scientific Council of the EPLO. The events shall be presided by The Rt Hon. Lord Justice Patrick Elias

The idea is to contribute in the homogenization of the understanding of Law in a pan-European and globalized world and to promote the idea that despite differences in local legal systems tainted mainly by history and procedural differences, the Law derives from the same principles, concepts and ideas.


The 3rd Sir David Williams European Legal Dialogues will take place in Wolfson College co-organized and sponsored by Wolfson College, Public Law Centre of the Faculty of Law of the University of Cambridge, Universite Bordeaux-Montesquieu, Hart Publishing, and ELGS of the EPLO on March 12, 2019. This time, it covered the whole day and followed by participation to the formal dinner of the College.

The theme is "Judicial review of Administrative Action".

The “Wolfson College Cambridge, Professor Sir David Williams, European Legal Dialogues” is a project directed by Professor David Feldman and Professor Spyridon Flogaitis. The Scientific Secretariat is under the responsibility of Professor George Gerapetritis.

The events organized as a whole day discussion of Socratic-platonic character led and animated by the Right Honorable Lord Justice John Laws, between two distinguished lawyers, one common lawyer and one continental European lawyer, with the participation of the public where a few distinguished personalities from continental Europe and Great Britain or overseas, shall be invited to participate actively as discussants. 

A Formal Dinner for registered participants follows, as part of the College's formal dinner ceremony of the day. Attendees can only participate in the Formal Dinner by paying online here. If you wish accommodation you may register and pay online here.

Sir Patrick Elias


Alison Young

Keynote Speaker

Mario Chiti

Keynote Speaker


Paul Craig

Luis Maria Diez-Picazo

David Feldman

Spyridon Flogaitis

George Gerapetritis

Ioannis Drossos

Rui Lanceiro

Ymre Schuurmans